About Me

Let me Introduce myself

Hi! I am Massimiliano, and i am asking you a few minutes of your time to tell you why I decided to work in Lisbon .

I hope to convey my enthusiasm and make you want to leave right away!
It was the 15th July 2019 when, opening my Linkedin profile, I found a message from a head hunter: “Hi, Massimiliano. We are hiring staff in Italian for new positions. Would you be interested in working in Lisbon? Send me your CV”
For more than six months I had been busy looking for a job, but without success, and the occasional freelance work I did, working remotely, was beginning to fail me.
I was looking for a classic office job and willing to develop and grow in a supportive environment with competitive pay and great benefits.
I sent my CV and, within a couple of days i started the recruitment process. After some test they finally called me to start the training in Portugal.
The verve that had always distinguished me, and which at that time was getting dormant, had started to light up again, and the idea of moving abroad could only excite me.
The company would offer me permanent accommodation in one of their houses for allthe duration of the contract. An employee from their office would pick me up at the airport to take me to my destination. This sound like wonderful for someone like me who does not have the best quality in terms of orientation!
Since that day I haven’t moved from Lisbon. I am literally in love with the city and the work I do.
My job enriches me personally and professionally every day.

My Mission

I often ask myself: “What if that head hunter hadn’t written me about socials?”
Or “What if I knew before this opportunity?”
I often think: “How many young people who are unemployed, or who want to gain work experience abroad, don’t have the slightest idea that there are so many job opportunities here?
My platform Future in Lisbon was created to deliver a message of hope and opportunity.
Due to Covid-19 many people have been left without work, ending up in layoffs.
People who were already unemployed, are certainly not in the best time to look for a job.
Despite the pandemic i was able to continue my job from the comfort of my home. That’s why decided to help people who might want a new adventure to live in Portugal,

Who do i talk to?

The job opportunity i am talking about is open to all those people who have at least a high school diploma, regardless of what their medium to long term goals are:
– fresh graduates looking for their first job;
– young people who already have work experience but who want to enrich their curriculum with foreign experience and grow professionally in a multinational company working with the most important brands in the world;
– senior figures who have lost their jobs or who want to re-launch themselves in something new.
The job opportunity I am talking about has nothing to do with organisational systems such as network marketing or pyramidal sales models.
What I offer is a nice customer service job in a nice office with a regular contract.

Recruitment Process

What can I do for you? If your application is suitable for the position you are looking for, I will personally forward your CV to Human Resources to ensure that you have an interview with the Recruitment team.
Then it will be up to you to play your cards right! I will always provide you help and support.


Before I say goodbye I’ll leave you some links that might interest you:

I wish you good luck and i hope to meet you soon in Lisbon to celebrate together.